Print Acoustics®


Print Acoustics® Acoustic panels

Print Acoustics®’ sound-absorbing panels have been designed to absorb and consequently reduce all kinds of annoying background noise in order thus to contribute to a more pleasant living and working environment. ‘Print Acoustics®panels are made up of a central MDF core finished on both sides with Print HPL laminate: any colour and surface texture from the Abet LaminatiPrint HPL range is available. This gives rise to a range of over 750 contemporary colours and decors to choose from. The backs of the panels are sealed off with additional sound-absorbing fibreglass. There is a choice of some 6 types of ‘Print Acoustics®panels with specific aesthetic and noise-reduction properties. The ‘Print Acoustics®panels offer an appropriate solution for a very diverse range of applications. Accordingly, a configuration comprising fire-retardant Print HPL (M1) plus MDF core (B-s1-d0) would be possible, and could even have a personalised Digital Print HPL as its surface layer. The ‘Print Acoustics®’ panels lend themselves for use as wall cladding as well as interior doors, ceilings, cupboard sides, fixed or movable partition walls. These ‘Print Acoustics®panels are being developed and manufactured exclusively by Triplaco NV in Harelbeke (Belgium), Abet Laminati’s Belgian “Partner in Excellence”.