Review Milano Design Week 2017: Ziqquarat by DriadeLab

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

Ziqquarat cabinets are made of digitally printed Abet Laminates with black walnut veneered feet. The shapes and volumes of this special piece of furniture give it a unique personality. The digitally printed laminate surface is available in four, exclusive, designs. The patterns are contemporary and very easy to recognize: vintage collages, optical decors, textures that interpret the weaves suggested by the creativity of current trends.

Ziqquarat is a piece of furniture that perfectly accomplishes its storage task while playing a main role in the masterpiece to which all our homes belong, approaching the world of art and touching our most sensitive strings.

What could the design of a storage cabinet be like today? This is the question DriadeLab, Driade’s

observatory on contemporary lifestyles, asked itself when it started to research into this project.

The result was Ziqquarat: a cabinet made up of different boxes that can be piled up to create ever changing forms. This system, constructive in all respects, can be used to create arrangements of

three different sizes depending on the space available. The project’s source of inspiration, ancient

Egyptian pyramids, is no random choice: it is such a strong theme that it even gave its name to the


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