Discover POLARIS, the revolutionary anti-fingerprint laminate at Architect@Work Kortrijk and Liège.

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

Abet Laminati displays POLARIS, the smooth, velvety to the touch, highly resistant to scratches and heat, extra-matt and anti-fingerprint laminate at Architect@Work Kortrijk (27th and 28th of April – booth 84) and Liège (1st  and 2nd  of June – booth 72)

The curious combination of durability and  velvet smoothness gives Polaris a futuristic appeal, making it the ideal choice for ultra-contemporary projects, delighting the senses with a pleasant and unique effect. Polaris comes in ten colors, characterized by five cool tones, from intense black to ice white and five warm tones with shades of sand, pearl and soft-grey that gradually blend and darken.

All Polaris décors are available in sizes 3050x1300 – 4200x1300 mm and can be supplied with phenolic brown core (thickness 0,9 mm), black core (thickness 1,0 – 1,2 – 10 – 12 mm) and Full-Colour colored core (thickness 1,0 – 1,2 – 10 – 12 mm)

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