Print Acoustics®: Acoustic absorbing panels enhance living and working comfort in spaces with high levels of background noise. On the occasion of Biennale Interieur 2016 in Kortrijk, Belgium, Abet Laminati is exhibiting Print Acoustics® with an exclusive

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Print Acoustics®: 14 different acoustic damping panels for walls and furniture

Noise affects the mood and performance. Research has frequently shown that too much background noise has an adverse impact to people’s performance (at work), living comfort and their mood. Architects, design consultancies and interior designers are focusing increasingly on improving the acoustics of working and living environments. In response to the demand for solutions to improve acoustic comfort, Triplaco from Harelbeke (Belgium) has developed a range of 14 different acoustic absorbing panels with Print Acoustics® for walls and furniture, which in addition can also provide attractive aesthetic added value for the interior.

A good example of this is the “Boucherie in Izegem” office development in which Print Acoustics® type Db was used for walls and furniture, finished with a Print HPL top layer, product code 330 Holz. (Design: Interieur Vandewiele – Build: Atelier Segers)



Print Acoustics®: Sound is damped or absorbed with perforated acoustic panels

In the Print Acoustics® division, Triplaco, a family business and the Belgian premium partner for the distribution of Print HPL sheets by Abet Laminati, a range of acoustic damping products, which not only fulfil the wishes of the various interior design specialists, but also comply with all prevailing requirements and rules. The combination of the contemporary building and furnishing style with a great deal of open space, together with sleek minimalistic interior design and the choice of hard materials, is a real nightmare for anyone wanting to achieve pleasant acoustics. This means that we are faced more and more with an irritating echo which also gives rise to an unpleasant and annoying acoustic indoor climate. Sound is damped or absorbed with perforated acoustic panels, which causes the annoying echo to disappear. Print Acoustics® panels are therefore ideal for rooms in which people gather in large numbers, such as auditoria, meeting rooms and offices, as well as for applications in healthcare institutions, sports centres, hospitality applications and even in private dwellings.


Print Acoustics®: 5 different versions available for the decorative finish

Print Acoustics® offers interior designers, architects and project managers a structural, decorative and functional solution. These easy-to-clean panels with a black water-repellent MDF core are scratch and impact-proof. There are 5 different versions available for the decorative finish: The Print Acoustics® panels are supplied as standard with an Abet Laminati Print HPL top layer (with a choice including 539 stock colours and decors), but they can also be ordered with a digital print. Furthermore, these acoustic panels can be painted in a RAL/NCS colour of choice or have a veneered top layer applied. Last year, an innovative solution was developed consisting of woven vinyl without visible grooves or holes.  The Print Acoustics® range currently comprises 14 different acoustic damping products for walls and furniture. Because the entire development and production of Print Acoustics® panels takes place in-house, it means that every request can be actioned rapidly and customised work supplied. 


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