Review Milano Design Week 2017: “BETWEEN – objects and colors” by Daniela Gerini

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

Daniela Gerini, Milanese stylist and designer, moved her Atelier sited in Via Sant’ Andrea to Superstudio Più in Via Tortona to present some pieces of her collection in the installation: “BETWEEN – objects and colors”, during the Milano Design Week 2017. Daniela Gerini’s eclectic style reflects her passion for bright colors, as a vital expression of playful natural philosophy. Furniture and objects are often topped with Print HPL Colors and Abet digitally printed patterns.

“In my design pieces, tables and objects, I use basic shapes, irregular polygons and colors with a strong attraction to Memphis, because I feel it’s close to my way of being”. “Future Flowers Lamps” is a project of unique pieces made out of colored glass stems in playful variants and materials that creates unexpected poetic and surreal flowers. Colors and graphical signs, therefore, turn into an authentic expression of a personal artistic creativity.

“What is your color?”

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