Abet Laminati will be presenting the DIPLOS_Italian Design Solution at the Biennale Interieur 2018 from 18 to 22 October in Kortrijk (Belgium) in Hall 1 – Stand 102

10/8/18 - Placed in Exhibitions

Diplos is the fruit of the collaboration between Abet Laminati and Saib, two leading Italian manufacturers of decorative panels with the ‘Made in Italy’ label. Diplos combines high-pressure laminate (HPL), melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) and ABS edge banding. The combination possibilities Diplos offers are almost endless. Each project is unique...

Review Milano Design Week 2017: Mirroring laminates for “Internoitaliano”

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

Once again, Internoitaliano has assigned the display design to the architect Davide Fabio Colaci. The five new products presented for this year’s FuoriSalone mingle with an essential selection of items by Internoitaliano, inside and outside the apartment in Brera District. The objects and furnishings are the focal points, freed of their usual...

Review Milano Design Week 2017: “BETWEEN – objects and colors” by Daniela Gerini

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

Daniela Gerini, Milanese stylist and designer, moved her Atelier sited in Via Sant’ Andrea to Superstudio Più in Via Tortona to present some pieces of her collection in the installation: “BETWEEN – objects and colors”, during the Milano Design Week 2017. Daniela Gerini’s eclectic style reflects her passion for bright colors, as a vital...

Review Milano Design Week 2017: Abet Digital Print for ThE BaR designed by Architect Simone Micheli

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

Faces blocked at the instant of capturing by the photographer Maurizio Marcato, make tables realized using digitally printed Abet laminates animated, becoming the icon which tells about the customization of passage of time and the possibility to extend the essence and intensity of feeling good. The captivating geometry of the furnishings that...

Review Milano Design Week 2017: Abet Digital Print for REFRAME installation by Architect Simone Micheli

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

REFRAME is an iconic installation, extremely distinctive and engaging which has been imagined to tell a story of simplicity, to make understand the user of this place why today it is important to translate the complexity of our present into simplicity. Inside, multiple plaques are installed in correspondence with the long sides, if touched they...

Review Milano Design Week 2017: Ziqquarat by DriadeLab

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

Ziqquarat cabinets are made of digitally printed Abet Laminates with black walnut veneered feet. The shapes and volumes of this special piece of furniture give it a unique personality. The digitally printed laminate surface is available in four, exclusive, designs. The patterns are contemporary and very easy to recognize: vintage collages, optical...

Review Milano Design Week 2017: Abet digitally printed laminates for the new SWATCH ART SPECIAL by PAOLA NAVONE

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

For her Swatch Art Special THAMMADA (the word comes from a Thai expression meaning “simple things”) Paola Navone created a mix of geometric and natural elements – dots and stripes, black and white, blue and red flowers – that unexpectedly come together to form a harmonious pattern. There’s a mischievous touch, too, as the design is...

Review Milano Design Week 2017: Abet laminates for Delta Light at Palazzo Crivelli.

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

Delta Light built a temporary installation in the Brera Design District, right in the heart of Milan. The famous Palazzo Crivelli was the unique backdrop of this captivating and inspiring scenography. Abet Laminati was involved in the realization of this project with a decor of the Metalli collection used for the exterior parts of the compartments...

Review Milano Design Week 2017: Abet digitally printed laminates at Camp Design Gallery

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2017, Camp Design Gallery ( “… primarily a way to enjoy things, to appreciate them, not to judge them” writes Gillo Dorfles) launches Adam Nathaniel Furman’s solo show “Four characters in the first act”. The project focuses on contemporary collectible design; each piece is characterized by a singular...

Review Milano Design Week 2017 : “An Imaginary City (Une Città Immaginaria)”, an exhibition by Paola Navone at the Triennale di Milano.

4/21/17 - Placed in Exhibitions

During the Milano Design Week, from 4th to 9th April 2017, the Triennale di Milano hosted “An Imaginary City (Una Città Immaginaria)” an exhibition by Paola Navone, which narrates the materials created by Abet Laminati through technological research and dialogue with the world of design. The installation “An Imaginary City” retraces 60...